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Choose a health care company that knows and understand your needs. As a health care staffing agency, we are professional and knowledgeable about the industry. For more information visit www.healthcareprovidersmanagement.com.

At Health Care Providers Management, LLC, we offer short and long-term nurse staffing assignments for your health care employment as well as preferences and flexibility of work schedule.

Ensure your loved one finds the services they deserve with our senior care referrals. We offer information appropriate for your care needs, level of care, and life style.

Who We Are

Health Care Providers Management, LLC in Portland, Oregon, offers a full range of health care services, including nurse staffing, nursing services, education and training, and employment opportunities. Additionally, we provide complete senior adult placement referral services, as well as consultations and professional health services. We have many repeat clients calling for other types of services when they secure licensing in the Northwest.

Contact us at (877) 425-0690 in Portland, OR, for information about Health Care Services, and Nurse Staffing, and Nursing Services.

For more information visit www.healthcareprovidersmanagement.com.


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